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October 30, 2013

Have Your Heard About Our No Upfront Cost Install?

So if you haven’t heard for the next 3 months Smart Rain will be offering No Upfront Install Cost. What does this mean for you? Well what this means is that you can get your irrigation system updated with our brand new state of the art system and we will pro-rate the cost of the install over 3 years.

Since our system on average will achieve a 12 month pay back after our monitoring costs and install costs this means your return will be even sooner. With our No Up Front Install you can start saving money in the first month.

Yeah I know crazy, so the next questions is what are you going to do with all that money we are going to save you? Well I think we will leave this up to you to figure out. The only question you have to answer is, is one bucket big enough?

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