February 27, 2019

business hand clicking proactive on Flipboard

Property managers rarely work alone. Just the word “manager” implies you’re in charge of corralling something, be it staff, projects budgets or more. And if you do have a staff, how do you get them to work as hard as you do?

Set the tone as manager

As the manager, you set the tone for your staff. They look to you as a prime example of how to do the work, what mood to be in and what goals to achieve or exceed. You can’t expect your employees to be at their best if YOU aren’t.

Treat staff members as individuals

Giving each staff member a bit of individual attention occasionally goes a long way in making them feel like part of the team. Of course, it’s understandable if you can’t give every team member a good portion of your day EVERY day. But most aren’t expecting that. They just want a bit of appreciation and recognition where it’s due.

Be more than a team – be a family

Socializing outside the office can make team members feel more dedicated to one another while INSIDE the office. And while such socializing should never be forced, it can be encouraged. Hold team parties or fun activities beyond work hours and watch the bonds of your staff grow!

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