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January 3, 2018

Lowest Snow Pack in Utah

With Utah dealing with its worst snow pack in 30 years, this starts to raise question on how this will impact us next year. Meteorologist Randy Graham says, "If things don't really improve, if we don't really start picking up on our snowpack, there are typically some impacts as far as water use going into the summer."

What does this mean for property managers and what can you do to prepare for this? Water restrictions? Higher water costs? These are all very real issues that plague Utah and other western states as standing high pressure is not allowing us to get the moisture that we need.

What can we do to help? One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to help save our most important resource is monitoring our irrigation use with Smart irrigation controllers. This eliminates the wasteful watering that we sometimes can be too careless with. By installing a smart controller now, you not only start saving water and money instantly, but it also doubles in savings as water costs continually rise each year. This means that by using less you are cutting those costs as well.  "There's really no positives for us having snowpack that's way below average. There's really nothing good that comes from it," Randy Graham.

Join in and help do your part to save water. Smart Rain has already saved 1.5 Million dollars and over 500 Million gallons of fresh water. How much can Smart Rain save you?

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