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December 12, 2018

How to Introduce Some Green Ideas in Your Neighborhood

You’ve worked hard to live greener at home and at work. You love your neighborhood. Why not combine the two and take some initiatives to help your neighborhood be a more eco-friendly as well?

Talk about it

Really, the easiest way to be a good environmental influence on your neighbors is to tell them what you’re doing at your own home. Share your recycling organization tips, green lawn care steps, and organic compounding successes. Let your enthusiasm for taking care of the planet be contagious. Invite neighbors to see what you’re up to and what a difference it’s making in your yard and garden. Offer to help them with projects, and be a resource for others who have questions, or maybe need just a bit more of a push to get started.

Share the duties (and the fun)

If you transport any recyclable goods (glass, electronics, clothing donations, etc.) see if your neighbors would be on board with setting up a schedule to lessen the work for everyone. A simple, rotating drop off schedule would help others feel accountable and encourage them to recycle more!

Set up a weekend for a neighborhood garage sale, when everyone can simultaneously lessen their own clutter while allowing others to reuse unwanted items. Sneak a peek at each others’ sales before they open to the public — maybe your neighbor has just the item you’ve been looking for!

Another way to encourage environmentalism in a shared situation would be to establish a community garden. All who pull the weeds, water, prune, and pick can share in the harvest and enjoy produce that was grown with a wonderfully small environmental footprint.

Ridesharing is another great way to go green in the neighborhood. If you work close to a neighbor, try to reduce the number of cars on the road and in the parking lot. Errands? Consolidate and see if you can pick up items for someone, rather than both of you making a trip.

Using these tips to increase environmental awareness in your neighborhood will not only help the Earth, but you’ll get more connected to those that live around you, and you might even make some new friends!

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