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September 25, 2019

How to Make Your Multi-Family Properties Greener

Multi-family properties are a large part of the growing real estate market. And while they can be very valuable for individuals and families looking to live in desirable areas, these properties can have a damaging impact on the environment if not maintained and managed correctly. Let’s see how we can make sure that doesn’t happen to YOUR properties.

Be an energy star

Installing Energy Star-approved appliances, such as ceiling fans, lighting and windows will decrease your energy costs considerably. There are even models that let tenants conserve energy when they’re away from the property.

Help tenants keep the lawn green

Organic waste from the kitchen can easily be converted into fertilizer if every family on your properties composts. Get large, designated containers where tenants can toss biodegradable trash (think kitchen scraps and paper) so that it can be repurposed as lawn fertilizer.

Get green with irrigation

Finally, one of the best ways you can make your multi-family properties greener is by using a smart irrigation system. Every family loves a fresh, green lawn, but don’t want to pay the high HOA (Homeowner Association) fees that keep it that way. But with Smart Rain’s cutting-edge irrigation technology, you can keep costs AND energy use down!

Want to learn more about making your irrigation as green as possible? Talk to Smart Rain today!

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