June 27, 2019

Property managers don’t have an easy job. They’re tasked with everything from finding new renters to overseeing the lawn irrigation system. An important part of your responsibilities that shouldn’t be overlooked is creating a positive work environment for workers. When employees are happy at work, it translates to better retention, productivity, and morale!

Here are some tips for creating a positive energy and workplace culture that can make your job easier — and more fun — for you and your coworkers.

Make Things Comfortable

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. That’s why making small changes in the comfort level of the workplace can have a big impact on employees. From adjusting the thermostat to providing ergonomic desks and chairs, creature comforts just make your office a happier place to be.

Consider offering standing desks and exercise balls that will allow people the freedom to sit or stand comfortably. Make sure break spaces have comfortable couches and amenities that allow workers to fully decompress during their breaks.

Infuse Greenery Into the Workplace

There are a multitude of benefits to having plants around your working environment. Not only do they clean the air, but they could potentially boost creativity, reduce stress and depression, and increase productivity. Plants add a homey feel and a trendy ambience that many will appreciate.

Conduct Regular Check-Ins

Don’t assume your staff are fine because they show up for work every day. People come to work because they’re getting paid, but they stay because of the friendly work environment and relationships with those around them. That’s why you should conduct regular check-ins to see what’s going well for them and what isn’t — and correct any of the issues that are within your power to change.

Upgrade to Better Lighting

Did you know that employees are happier when their office space includes warm or natural lighting? If your office doesn’t have windows to allow sunshine in throughout the day, blue-enriched light bulbs are a great substitute. These kinds of bulbs enhance alertness and attention, and they closely mimic daylight. By substituting blue light bulbs for fluorescent ones, employees are likely to be happier and more productive during the day.

Let People Personalize Their Desk Space

If employees are going to spend 40 hours a week at their desks, they should be allowed to make their spaces feel like home. Let them hang artwork, frame family photos, bring in flowers, or whatever else they may need to make themselves feel more at home while at work. Allowing them to do so could reduce stress, as photos of loved ones and personal memorabilia have the potential to create more positive feelings in the workplace.

Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Space

The Wright Theory of Color says that humans have emotional and psychological responses to color. Make sure your office space is evoking the right emotions for a productive workday (in accordance with the kind of work you do). If your office emphasizes energy and positivity, yellow is the perfect color choice. For a more soothing and concentrated vibe, choose a shade of blue. If you want to stimulate workers to action, consider red — unless employees are regularly in high-stress situations.

Invest in Professional Development

One of the best ways to foster positive vibes and an uplifting culture at work is by encouraging those around you to set and pursue goals. If you can, invest in continued learning and professional development for your office. When that next promotion or pay raise is in sight, it puts a smile on everyone’s face!

Use a Smart Irrigation System to Maintain a Beautiful Office Exterior

If you want employees to enjoy being at work and take pride in their workplace, maintaining a lush, green lawn can contribute to that. Who doesn’t love spending break time on the front lawn or sitting on the soft, cool grass while they work?

Smart Rain makes it possible to achieve gorgeous grass with little to no effort through our smart irrigation system. Control it from your phone, input the settings, and let the system work itself. You can practically set it and forget it!

Give Smart Rain a call today to learn more about how our smart irrigation system can help your office vibe.

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