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April 13, 2022

Green Initiatives: 8 Ways to Accomplish Them

Now, companies are turning to green initiatives in the workplace more than ever. Not only do these efforts help you save money, but it’s also a great way to stand out from other companies.

Not sure how to be more eco-friendly? We have a few simple and easy ways to improve your carbon footprint:

Offer remote work

Remote work has taken off during the pandemic, and studies show that most employees love the flexibility of working from home. But remote work is also great for the environment, too. It helps cut down on our carbon footprint since fewer employees in the office mean fewer cars on the road. This means less carbon dioxide in the air.

Consider offering remote work to specific employees or flex work options a few days a week. This is a great start to being more eco-friendly and attracting new employees to accomplish your green initiatives.

Provide transportation perks

You can also offer perks for employees who are traveling to the office. Using public transportation is one of the greenest methods of travel. Again, this helps to cut down on greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide levels. Some cities offer subsidized passes for employers to accomplish green initiatives. Your state may also provide tax benefits.

However, if your town doesn’t offer great public transportation options, you can also provide green initiatives incentives for people carpooling or riding their bikes to work. This could be a bonus to their monthly paycheck, a weekly voucher, or another non-traditional incentive.

Use sustainable products

Your office can also opt to use sustainable products whenever possible to accomplish your green initiatives. There are lots of recycled options for businesses to use. Look for items labeled post- or pre-consumer waste. Printer paper and toilet paper are some examples of these materials.

You can also rid your office of non-recyclable materials, like to-go containers and styrofoam cups. Replace these with recyclable options instead. You may also want to choose green or eco-friendly cleaners!

Offer recycling options

Just as crucial as using sustainable products is offering recycling options to employees. You may want to opt for a three-tiered recycling system. This includes a bin for recycling, composting or food waste and a bin for other non-recycling items. This system makes sure that nearly all items in an office can be recycled and makes it even easier for employees to go green. It also clarifies which items can be recycled and which can’t.
Of course, you can reuse materials as often as possible, too.

Make energy-efficient upgrades

Making a few energy-efficient upgrades can be a great way to lower your energy bills. There are several simple swaps, like using energy-efficient appliances, LED lights, opting for automatic light sensors, and a smart thermostat. You can also have employees use laptops instead of desktops, which are much more energy-efficient.

Picture of responsible flushing for green initiatives

Buy carbon offsets for green initiatives

Many companies are also purchasing carbon offsets. For the operations of the company’s carbon footprint that can’t be reduced or removed, you can purchase an offset to become more carbon-neutral instead.

There are many carbon marketplaces you can use to calculate and offset your emissions. Just make sure to research the third-party’s certifications and background before purchasing.

Educate staff

Of course, you can invest in green initiatives. Still, it’s also helpful to educate employees on the benefits of going green: host informational sessions or professional development workshops on how employees can be more eco-friendly at work and at home. Keep them informed on the company’s practices, it's green initiatives, and remind them of why it helps them and the business. This will help keep your employees engaged, actively participating, and invested in the company.

Invest in a smart watering system

Green initiatives in your office don’t just stop inside, they also extend to the exterior of your work, as well! We can help you minimize water consumption, keep your property healthy and cut irrigation costs. Smart irrigation systems are the most efficient way to prevent overwatering, as they monitor water usage and shut off lines when no more water is needed. Our Smart Controller is one of the most sophisticated and proprietary irrigation controllers on the market and can help you water with precision.

For more ways to conserve energy, including using a state-of-the-art irrigation system, make sure to contact Smart Rain today!

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