October 9, 2019

34194996 - christmas party backgroundThis year, give the Earth a present: an eco-friendly holiday season. It’s easier than you might think, and it will be even more festive if you get friends and family on board! Try a few of these ideas:

Recycled gift wrapping: Use only saved gift wrap or bags this year. You can also get creative by using newspaper, toy store ads, cut up paper bags and old holiday cards. Instead of ribbons and bows, adorn gifts with pine cones and handmade tags.

Greener greenery: Rather than buying fake garland and trees, have an old-fashioned holiday with fresh cut items. Visit a tree farm for responsibly raised and replaced tree options. Potted trees are a good option and will last through the year. Check out your own property or a friend or neighbor’s — with permission, of course — to see if they have evergreens that could spare trimmings, pine cones or berry sprigs. For lighting, stick with efficient LED lights over traditional, and use timers so that lights don’t use electricity all day and night.

Shop wisely: Stores are full of toys and other goodies that are loaded with plastic and cardboard packaging. Avoid them when possible and stick with items that come in packaging made from recycled materials. Better yet, create hand-made gifts for your loved ones and recycle some items out of your home at the same time. You could also make a donation to a charity in honor of your friend or family member and skip the packaging altogether! When you do shop, though, try to stick with local businesses that sell sustainable goods and use eco-friendly practices when possible.

Enjoy your Earth-friendly holidays, and who knows, maybe next year all those you shared with will join your efforts!

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