April 21, 2020

27095974_MCOVID-19 is changing our lives as it makes its way across the globe. Some areas have been hit hard, while others are still getting their first few cases.

The U.S. has thousands of cases across the nation and it continues to grow, but there are five things we can do to assist in the efforts to “flatten the curve.”

Let’s all commit to following these tips:

  1. Make sure your hands stay clean. Wash your hands readily with soap for 20+ seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands, covering every area of your hand from the fingernails to the backs and sides.
  2. Cover coughs and sneezes correctly. When you need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue or your elbow to block the particles from going into the air. If you use a tissue, go back to the first tip and wash your hands.
  3. Don’t touch your face. The virus can enter through your eyes, nose or mouth, so make sure you’re avoiding touching your face unless you’ve thoroughly washed your hands right before. However, keep in mind, you’ll need to wash your hands again after touching your face in case you’re a carrier.
  4. Keep a safe distance. When around others, we need to be practicing a safe distance. Think about this if you have to go to work or the grocery store. It’s best to keep, at the very least, three feet away from others. Keeping a healthy space between you and others can prevent exposure to aerosol particles floating through the air.
  5. Stay home. If you suspect you have the virus, make sure to stay home as not to risk others getting it. The CDC offers a “Coronavirus Self-Checker” that can guide you on what the next steps are and if you should be tested. Also, keep in mind, even if you’re not sick, staying home is still one of the best ways to slow the spread of the virus. This may feel limiting, but the good news is, this doesn’t mean you can’t get outside. If you do go out, take a walk with those you live with, and avoid being around others. There are also multiple ideas online regarding how you can fill your time.

This is not an isolated event, it’s taking place across the globe and each of us must step up to the plate to do what we can. Let’s “flatten the curve” by following these tips from The WHO.

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