August 12, 2021

46782058 - black plastic bags with leaves trash collected in autumnMuch of the country is currently experiencing drought conditions. While it is always important to do all that you can to conserve water, during these perilous times it becomes an undertaking of paramount importance! Here you can find helpful trips related to preventing waste when it comes to property management.

Start off with savings

The first thing you can do to reduce waste is not to let it get in the front door in the first place. Choose – and encourage residents or tenants to choose – products with less wasteful packaging, or do business with companies known to be environmentally-friendly.

Do the electric slide

Don’t slide those defunct electronics into the trash. This “e-waste” is becoming epidemic as more and more individuals and companies rely on technology to carry out daily tasks, as well as regularly upgrading devices. Instead, donate or recycle or personal computers, laptops, cell phones, TV’s, DVD players, and video game consoles.

Go to – or throw – a “green” party

New ways to go green are always popping up. Why not learn some of them (and meet your neighbors or network) by attending or hosting a “green” event? Such events cover different ways of recycling, how to manage or reduce waste and more.


Conserve Water

A large portion of the country is currently experiencing drought conditions. It is never a smart move to be wasteful with the precious resource of water, but during perilous times such as these the conservation of water becomes an undertaking of paramount importance. Wasteful usage of water hits you in the wallet as well. The effect is felt exponentially by property managers when they have tenants who are not conservation minded. The Smart Rain irrigation system saves property managers a boat load of water and money.

These are just a few ways that a property manager can keep their property value and appearances up while keeping expenses down.

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