December 26, 2018


What is energy benchmarking, and why should you be concerned? Simply put, benchmarking is a way of measuring how your properties use energy, and how they compare to other properties of similar size. At the moment, many places don’t require condos and co-ops to formally report their energy output. But as new environmental regulations come up, all that could change – and you need to be ready.

Why is benchmarking taking hold?

Mid-rise and high-rise buildings are coming under more scrutiny than ever in how they use energy. This is often because energy conservation is becoming a higher priority for certain municipalities – especially those prone to droughts or power outages.

What’s the big deal with benchmarking?

Unfortunately, benchmarking isn’t just about filing a report once or twice a year and forgetting about it. Benchmarking regulations could allow prospective buyers a view of how your properties’ energy usage stacks up against the competition. And if they don’t like what they see, it’s “bye-bye” sale or rental agreement.

Benchmarking doesn’t have to be your undoing

There are tons of ways to save energy – and win the benchmarking battle. Start with your irrigation system. Contact Smart Rain today and see how we can help you save energy and money with our unique water conservation system.

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