March 13, 2019

66256062_MHow long has it been since you looked around your home or office and done an audit for chemicals or toxins? Maybe now is the time to refresh and detoxify your space. Doing so may lead to feeling better and being healthier short and long term.

Detox at home

Start by looking at the products that you put on your body. Check labels on your soap, hair products, lotions and makeup. If these items contain one or more of the many chemicals of concern, take the time to evaluate each one and decide which are worth eliminating from your routine.

Cleaning products are also a major source of toxins in the home. First look at warnings on the label. Be on the lookout for items that caution you about burns, fumes or poison. Several chemicals to watch for as you check ingredient lists are referenced here, along with where they are commonly found and what you might prefer to use instead.

Those same cleaners can contribute to air toxicity in your home as well. Bigger issues like mold, radon or carbon monoxide should be remedied too. Testing kits are available to check indoor air for pollutants or dangerous gases, and monitors should be installed on each floor once you’re certain your air is safe. If there is a toxic product you aren’t willing to eliminate, make sure you use ample ventilation and/or a respirator. Avoiding room fragrance products that contain phthalates is another way to keep harmful chemicals out of your indoor air.

Detox at work

You spend a lot of time at your workplace, so it makes sense to also be mindful of whether toxins are present there. You should move toward less toxic cleaning products and be mindful of air quality at work just as you are at home. You may, however, have a little or a lot less control at work. Cleaning crews may use harmful products after-hours. Depending on the size of your workplace, someone in another department, building or even city may be the one selecting cleaning products and filters. One place to start is to let your supervisor know that this issue is important to you. He or she may be able to influence decisions about what items to buy. You can also reach out to a human resource representative to find out what steps might result in workplace changes. That person might also know whether there is a green initiative you could join or start.

Whether it’s at home or at work, it’s important to detox. There are many toxins that could be polluting the space you’re in. Take steps today to remove harmful products.

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