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February 6, 2018

How can Smart Rain Help You Budget?

With water costs constantly rising year over year how do you keep tabs on your water bill? How do you manage and keep track of all of the irrigation tech times each month for issues that come up unexpectedly or for just regular maintenance and adjustments? Smart Rain can help you manage and stay on top of your irrigation budget with these 3 features.

  1. Weather predictive watering. Our system only waters your property when it needs it, making sure that you never overwater your property when its raining or when there is rain in the forecast.
  2. Our app allows you to see what is going on your property at all times. Wasting time walking all over your property trying to find the irrigation clock or broken sprinkler is a thing of the past as you can control everything with your phone or tablet eliminating

wasted time walking aimlessly around the property.

  1. Our software gives you piece of mind with the robust reporting features that we offer. Ability to run reports at any given moment to check how often you are watering, and giving you real time information on how much water and money you have saved allowing you to keep check on that budget so there are no surprises when it comes to your bill.

Smart Rain gives you the tools and abilities to stay proactive with your irrigation needs instead of constantly being surprised by rising water costs and extreme water use, allowing you to keep your budget on track all the while saving millions of gallons of fresh water!

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