September 12, 2018

41124385 - empty glass bottlesWhether you have curbside glass pickup or transport your bottles and jars to a bin or facility, recycling glass is a fantastic way to reduce landfill use and eliminate items there that would long outlast us all! Glass can be recycled over and over again into more glass products, with no degradation of quality. Old bottles become new bottles, decor items or even masonry products or fiberglass.

It starts with you. Consumer glass products are picked up from your curb or deposited by you in a collection bin. Once at the recycling facility, glass is sorted from other unwanted items that made it into the bins. Then, depending on the facility and what the recycled glass will eventually become, it may be sorted by color. The next phase of the process includes a trip through machines that will break the glass, dissolve labels and adhesive, and remove lids, corks or other objects. The glass pieces are then dried, cleaned and separated by size using screens, depending on what it’s going to be used for. They are then pulvarized, into what is called glass cullet, until they are the desired size. Cullet can be pebble sized or as small as sand grains before it is shipped to companies that use it create new bottles or an endless number of other products.

Ton for ton, glass recycling saves natural resources, and cullet is often a cheaper product for manufacturers to use than other raw materials. Make glass recycling a priority in your home or workplace, and know you’re keeping items out of the landfill that would be there for up to a million years!


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