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October 27, 2017

How Technology and Technology Automation can Impact You

As technology automation is continuing to advance at an exponential rate, the advances of said technology are implemented into everything, from business, to education, to daily life.  By implementing specific technology into our lives, we have seen an increase in the way we shape our daily routines. Automated cloud technology has made documents easily accessible on multiple user platforms, giving the user the ability to edit and share important information through a number of different channels. This can be done from any form of hardware connected directly to the internet. By automatically syncing important information, anything from academic word documents, to reminders to keep the user organized, the user is given the ability to focus on content and information.

Another overlooked source of automated technology comes in the form of the email that is used to connect users without the need for direct communication. With increased program software abilities found within the email structure, delegating the task of sending information between companies, coworkers, or even family and friends is controlled within the coding of the software. This shortens up the time it takes for users to preform singular tasks that are repetitive and obsolete to the person sending the information. With the community using the same sort of automated technology that is implemented into hardware owned by a specific user, we see the advance in businesses automating key components to ensure that the software gives the human worker the ability to focus directly on a given task.

When looking at automated technology programs that directly affect the community in fields such as the Department of Transportation, analytics of an intersection are processed by the user so that automated programs can control the flow of traffic lights. What goes unnoticed while users are on a daily commute to work is that statistics have been run through multiple programs to ensure the most efficient transition between the lights is coordinated by excess amounts of data.

Without software programs that ensure easy transition between tasks that are automated, the users who created the programs would not be able to focus on increasing the efficiency in which the software operates. While focusing on transportation automated technology advances, vehicles within the auto industry continue to be at the forefront of the software integration.

While car companies continue to add automated features in the hardware being the vehicle itself, the need for control by the user has advanced to an extent in prototypes in which there is no need at all for human control. On a smaller but still impressive scale, cameras connected to software within the vehicle send automated signals to computer database to recognize lane shifts, as well as Visual software connected to the interior of the vehicle that have the ability recognize if a driver falls asleep.

These automated technology advances in the daily lives of consumer or business, make tasks easier and safer for the community.

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