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April 8, 2020

A Beautiful and Water-Wise Yard and Garden

Spring is officially here. Are you gearing up for the upcoming growing season? Here are some tips for a beautiful and water-wise yard and garden:

Invest in native plants. Native plants are better suited to our unique environment and require less water and care than non-native plants. They can add a lot of beauty to your yard, too! Look for native plants at your favorite nursery.

Use raised beds or grow boxes. They can help you fit a lot of garden into a small space! You get to control the type of soil that goes in the boxes, and if you water with drip instead of overhead spray, you’ll save water, your vegetable plants will be happier and you will have fewer weeds.

Let us help. Smart Rain’s smart water systems notify property owners of important irrigation management details such as water flow, moisture levels, and more, all through advanced sensors and innovative technologies. With a Smart Rain system, you can manage your property’s water usage more effectively and save on your water bill. Learn more about how Smart Rain can revolutionize your water management by visiting our website: https://smartrain.net

Plant a water-wise lawn. Some types of grass use a lot more water than others. Plant water-wise grass varieties that are best suited for our climate. You’ll use less water and have to work less hard to have a beautiful lawn.

Plant smart. Once you have your yard mapped out, look for the placement that will help each plant thrive. Put thirstier plants in some amount of shade, where the sun won’t drink up their precious water supply. Use mulch with your flowers, shrubbery and trees to combat evaporation and control weeds.

It’s also important to understand that faithful maintenance not only keeps everything looking good but also keeps it in top form for water conservation. Look for tall grasses and other plants that provide lush ground cover to make your job easier. Finally, you’ll want to make time to sit back and enjoy your efforts. By doing the proper planning now, you’ll enjoy the incredible reality of an awesome water-saving yard in the near future.

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